WEEK 7: Titles of Weekly Blog Posts & Start date of DPM SCC

WEEK 7: Titles of Weekly Blog Posts & Start date of DPM SCC

Dear all,

I have not gone through the initial posts yet, but the few I have looked at so far ALL have errors in the Titles of the post. I posted an announcement on Thursday 28th September requesting the following.

“When posting to your blog you must always indicate the correct week that you are posting for. The blog postings are always due by 23:59 on each Thursday, but you must indicate the correct week. All of your daily per minute SCC charts should have the first Sunday of Week 5 as the start date (24/09/2017).”

So all of your post should have had WEEK 7 in the beginning of the title. Please go in and edit this ASAP, and make sure that you use the correct weeks to label future posts.

The Learning Project Blog Begins . . .

Hello Everybody,

Welcome to the PPP3003 WordPress site!

Your 2017/18 blogging journey begins here–I hope you have fun building fluency in skills new and/or old! In case you were curious, here is what I Kaydee Owen got up to in 2015-16.

To give you a little inspiration for your upcoming blog posts I have sourced some good examples of projects from the last few years:

  • This project consistently labelled the paper SCC correctly and clearly throughout blog posts.
  • Good examples of the use of electronic charting (which you will be taught in the coming weeks) can be seen here and here.

Top Tips

  1. If you find that your SCC images are not clear when you post your blog you will need to find a new theme for your page. You can do this viewing your site and clicking on “customise” in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. If you want to save time searching through them all have a look at previous blogs and see which themes work well. 
  2. Make use of your Learning Project Groups. It is a great way to learn about your own mistakes and see what is working well for other people.